I’m not naive enough to think that no one out there has experienced imposter syndrome. In case you are someone overflowing with self-confidence, imposter syndrome is when you have self-doubt and feel incompetent despite your education, experience, accomplishments, and expertise. In other words, my entire existence on a daily basis.

Young woman with dark curly hair holding her head in one hand while typing on her laptop keyboard with the other

A laptop computer screen showing a video call with two other people using sign language to communicate with a third person that is not pictured

Bold statement, I know. But as TikTok’s popularity has grown and influencers with disabilities are offering glimpses into their daily lives, their millions of followers are beginning to think about how the world around them is or is not accessible for everyone. …

I was up working until 11:30 last night. I tossed and turned until around midnight. My two and a half year old woke up at 5:45 this morning. And I’ve been working on and off while she watches Toy Story and plays games on my phone.

It wasn’t always like…

Ashley Sullivan

Front End Developer working remote outside of Chicago, IL.

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